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Together, we will design a unique package that will fit your individual needs and we will embark on healing journey together. In-office sessions are available, but most services can be conducted via phone.​​

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Integrative wellness coaching
   Many individuals are seeking ways to optimize their overall wellness and wellbeing by respecting all areas of their life.  Wellness coaching is an empowering and effective way for people to engage in their wellness by collaborating with a professional coach.  Together, client and coach will explore the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and occupational dimensions of life that relate to wellbeing.  The relationship created between the coach and client generates powerful momentum to help facilitate positive behavioral change and improved wellness.  Through the process of coaching, clients have the opportunity to connect the best of who they are to where they want to be in life.  In her practice, Shannon maintains a whole-person, client-centered approach to wellness by exploring each client’s unique interests, motivations, values, strengths and capabilities.  Sessions may include a focus on various mind-body skills if desired, such as biofeedback, imagery, and meditation.  It is Shannon’s desire to help her clients develop visions and goals for achieving wellness, and strategies that support the client’s process and accomplishments.    
Self-care sessions
Self-care is an active and powerful choice to care for yourself in the same way that you'd care for a dear friend.  The intention of these individualized sessions is to facilitate and enhance awareness around a particular issue, concern, or problem as the first step towards healing.   Helping one’s self is robustly therapeutic, and it is through active engagement in one’s self-care process that optimal health becomes obtainable. We may explore varoius avenues towards self-care by incorporating mind-body techniques that have been empirically supported as effective for enhancing health and healing.  These empowering techniques may include meditation, guided imagery, and breath work.  These sessions are suitable for all experiential levels, from novice to skilled, with the objective of meeting the individual where they are in life at the present moment.

These sessions may help you to:

​    -Manage and Reduce Stress
    -Improve Sleep
    -Address Life Obstacles
    -Prevent Burnout from Work & Career Stress
    -Increase Wellness
    -Boost Mood
    -Enhance Creativity
    -Cope With and Manage Chronic Pain
    -Mobilize Your Inner Resources for Healing
    -Cultivate Your Innate Happiness, Peacefulness and Compassion
    -Promote Resilience​

Mind-body workshops
Each 90-minute workshop is designed to delve into a specific mind-body technique with a heavy emphasis on experiential work and practical application.  These workshops seek to offer an experience that may lead to greater self-awareness and enhanced feelings and perceptions of the one’s quality of life. 
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